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Here below is a ruff schedule of the week. It's not cast in stone but just a guide line. The schedule can change depending on the weather condition at the time. We will convey these changes as the week unfolds. 

Arrival - 1pm

  - We will meet at the main gate were we will be escorted to the Lodge

  - Group will be split into smaller teams.

  - The final schedule will only be made available about 2 weeks before departure.  


5 x Game Drives

  - Morning game drive - 5:30 am

  - Sunset game drive - 3:30pm


1 x Lagoon Hide Session

  - AM or PM hide 

  - Water bird / Fish eating birds

1 x Scavenger Hide Session

  - AM hide

  - Vultures & Jackal 


1 x Mkhombe or Bhejane Hide Session

  - Mkhombe birdbath facing West

  - Bhejane birdbath facing East

  - Bird reflection birdbath

1 x 16hr Overnight Hide Session

  - Pm session and Am session in the hide

  - All animals from big to small

Please Note:

  - We can't guarantee any sightings ......we are unfortunately not in control of there movements.

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