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The Transkei or as we know it "The Wild Coast" because it's truly wild!!! stretch between the Umtamvuna River in the north and the Great Kei River in the south.

The Transkei is a very rugged area with deep river gorges and steep rocky cliffs beaches with rolling hills covered with green grass. It's very iconic to see these round huts on every hill. The roads are very ruff dirt roads and can get slippery after the rain.

There is some beautiful seascapes and big waterfalls to photograph.  



Accommodation is included in the package. Accommodation will be in the luxurious Hotel and Lodges.

2 x nights - The Haven Hotel (Dwesa)

1 x night - Ocean View Hotel (Coffie Bay)

1 x night - Mbotyi River Lodge (Mbotyi)

1 x night - Tsitsa Falls Lodge                                         



6 Day - 5 Nights


  * Transkei



The following meals will be include in the package except your drinks & snacks between meals

5 x Breakfast

5 x Dinners

Road Transport:

You need to get to the venue with your own transport...there will be limited space in Juan's 4 x 4. We will supply an 4 x 4 vehicle where necessary.


No flights involve in this workshop

Photographic Outings:


There will be ten guided photographic outings

5 x Sunrise

5 x Sunset




We will have two lectures on this workshop. 

1 x Zoom / Teams Meeting - We will cover all the the theory you need for "Seascape/Landscape Photography"

1 x During the workshop - We will do a re-cap and any questions you have, We will concentrate on Light Room development. You are welcome to bring your laptop to download your images and work in LR. 

Gear to bring:

  * Camera

  * Wide angle lens (16-35mm f2,8)

  * Long lens (Optional) - to photograph birds

  * Sturdy Tripod

  * Remote Shutter Release

  * Filters (Optional)

  * Intervalometer (Optional for startrail)

  * Shoes for water (Gumboots or any shoes that can go in water - remember the water in COLD!!!)

  * Warm clothing 

  * Umbrella for in case it rains 

Other Activities:

There is other photographic locations you can explore in your own time

 * Local Villages

 * Birds Photography


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