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The South Coast is magnificent for its natural beauty and the many things there are to do and see here. Its natural treasures include sprawling beaches that are lapped by the warm water of the Indian Ocean, tranquil lagoons, and rocky coves. Slightly further inland, there are subtropical forests, rolling grassy hills, and spectacular greenery. What’s more, the South Coast enjoys sunny weather almost all year round, which means that it’s also a lovely winter destination in South Africa.

This area includes a pretty stretch called the Hibiscus Coast, which is named after the colourful hibiscus trees that freckle the KZN coastline. This vibrant beauty is complemented by some great golf courses (including two of the top courses in South Africa). Those that love being outdoors will enjoy the nature reserves that showcase some gorgeous fauna and flora, and the hiking or cycling trails that wind their way through the prettiness.

The warm ocean is home to loads of colourful and unique marine species. Discover a whole new world when you explore them by snorkelling or SCUBA diving beneath the surface. Aliwal Shoal (near Umkomaas) is renowned as one of the best diving spots in the country, while Protea Banks is acclaimed for its shark diving. Formal whale-watching tours are a treat, or visitors can watch the antics of the energetic dolphins from the shores. The rivers and lagoons are great for stand-up paddling.

The whole South Coast countryside, and particularly along the many rivers and on the banks of the lagoons, is alive with a massive array of birdlife. In fact, there are hundreds of avian species her for birders to spot



Accommodation is not included in this package.....we can provide on request.                                          



2 Day 


  * KZN  South Coast (Ramsgate)  



No meals are included.....but we will stop at some places to eat.

Road Transport:

You need to get to supply your own transport......we can if you are flying in.


No flights involve in this workshop

Photographic Outings:


There will be four guided photographic outings

2 x Sunrise

2 x Sunset



We will have two lectures in the weekend. 

1 x Saturday Morning - We will cover all the the theory you need for "Seascape/Landscape Photography"

1 x Sunday Morning - We will do a re-cap and any questions you have, We will concentrate on Light Room development. You are welcome to bring your laptop to download your images and work in LR. 

Gear to bring:

  * Camera

  * Wide angle lens

  * Sturdy Tripod

  * Remote Shutter Release

  * Filters (Optional)

  * Shoes for water (Gumboots or any shoes that can go in water)

  * Warm clothing 

  * Umbrella for in case it rains 

Other Activities:

There is other photographic locations you can explore in your own time

  * Bird photography  

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