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Arniston is a small seaside settlement on the coast of the Overberg region of South Africa, close to Cape Agulhas, the

southernmost tip of Africa. There is so much to photograph in the area. Beautiful seascapes, caves and wrecks. 

In May 1815, a British East India shipArniston, was rounding the Cape in convoy on a journey to repatriate wounded English soldiers from Ceylon. The ship lacked a chronometer – an expensive instrument at the time – and consequently had to rely on other ships in the fleet to calculate the longitude of the group. After being separated from the convoy in heavy seas, the captain of Arniston was obliged to rely solely on dead reckoning to navigate. Thinking incorrectly that he was 100 miles (160 km) west of the Cape of Good Hope, the master steered north for St Helena and ran the ship onto the rocks at Waenhuiskrans. Only six of the 378 people on board survived the wrecking.



Accommodation is included in the package. Accommodation will be in "Arniston House"      





4 Day - 3 Nights


  * Arniston  



The following meals will be include in the package except your drinks & snacks between meals

3 x Breakfast

3 x Dinners

Road Transport:

You need to get to the venue with your own transport. We will supply an 4 x 4 vehicle where necessary.


No flights involve in this workshop

Photographic Outings:


There will be four guided photographic outings

3 x Sunrise

3 x Sunset

 * Cauldron - This is a flat rock ledge that gets submerged with sea water at high tide

 * Meisho Maru Ship Wreck - This wreck is in Cape Agulhas

 * Cape Agulhas Lighthouse

 * Die Otter Beach



We will have two lectures in the weekend. 

1 x Friday Afternoon - We will cover all the the theory you need for "Seascape/Landscape Photography"

1 x Saturday Afternoon - We will do a re-cap and any questions you have, We will concentrate on Light Room development. You are welcome to bring your laptop to download your images and work in LR. 

Gear to bring:

  * Camera

  * Wide angle lens

  * Sturdy Tripod

  * Remote Shutter Release

  * Filters (Optional)

  * Intervalometer (Optional for startrail)

  * Shoes for water (Gumboots or any shoes that can go in water - remember the water in COLD!!!)

  * Warm clothing 

  * Umbrella for in case it rains 

Other Activities:

There is other photographic locations you can explore in your own time

 * Local Village

 * Waenhuiskrans

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