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Discover the Wild Through Our Specialised Photographic
Tours and Workshops

At Mighty Media, we offer bespoke workshops in wildlife photography, designed to teach the fundamentals of this incredible art. Our sessions allow photographers to enhance and develop their skills while capturing stunning images. We live for that moment when a client snaps a photo that captures the spirit of a wild animal. We offer great prices on bespoke workshops, ensuring that all aspiring photographers have an opportunity to develop their skills. Get in touch with us today to schedule a workshop and experience the passion and thrill of wildlife photography!



A variety of packages available
We have a long standing relationship with Zimanga Private Game Reserve and are proud to to work with them - let us know what your requirements are and how we can assist you




4 Night / Houseboat
1 Night / Pangolin Lodge

Our partnership with Pangolin Photo Safari's allows us to offer incredible packages to suit your needs - contact us to discuss how we can accomodate you


A variety of workshops can be arranged - drop us an email and we will do our best to accomodate you

* Lightroom & Photoshop basics
* Know your camera (Canon)
* Basics of Photography

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